Preparation Strategy for CUET General Test 2023

Preparation Strategy for CUET General Test 2023

The Section III of CUET 2023 will include the General Test. This section includes an all-encompassing test that examines the general knowledge of the students. The exam for this section will last for an hour. This section consists of seventy-five questions in total.

The Common University Entrance Test has the potential to be a game-changer in the future years for both the students and the institutions that are taking part in CUET. The National Testing Agency will be in charge of administering Common University Entrance Test at the national level. 

Nearly 54 central institutions and many private universities have confirmed their participation in the Common University Entrance Test. Such private universities include Galgotias University and BML Munjal University. However, numerous additional universities are still in the process of confirming their place. 

For admissions to the academic session 2022-2023, the number of institutions that took part in Common University Entrance Test was 90. Moreover, for CUET 2023-2024, the number is anticipated to greatly rise.

The three distinct sections of CUET 2023 will be made up of Section IA and IB which will include Languages, Section II which will include Domain Subjects, and Section III which will include General Studies. This article offers you an idea of the CUET General Test 2023.

An Introduction to Common University Entrance Test General Test 2023

Section III of Common University Entrance Test 2023 will include the General Test. This section includes an all-encompassing test that examines the general knowledge of the students. The exam for this section will last for an hour. This section consists of seventy-five questions in total.

The official website will give you the course outline for the CUET Section III General Test and students can go through the syllabus by downloading it from the official website. The outline of the course gives you in-depth information on each question. It also provides you with the corresponding solution. 

Before sitting for the exam preparation, candidates are strongly encouraged to through the curriculum in detail. This will help them ensure that they are well-versed with the course outline and in all parts of the test. Moreover, until the applicants are confident in their replies, they must practice answering questions from the course outline. This must be done till the candidate takes up their examination.

CUET General Test 2023 Phase 1: Important Subjects Covered in the General Test

Some of the more significant subjects that will be covered on the Common University Entrance Test 2023 General Test are:

  • Quantitative Aptitude – Time-Speed-Distance, Time-Work, Ratio and Percentage Conversion, Mensuration, Average, Simple Interest, Compound interest, Trigonometry, Mode and Median.
  • Logical Reasoning – Analogy, Direction, Number Series, Blood Relation, Calendar, Cube & Dice, General Mental Ability, Verbal Analogy, Chronological order, Reciting, and Coding and Decoding.
  • General Knowledge – Sports, Politics, Current Affairs, History, Rivers, President, Padma Shri Award, Capitals, State Capitals, Currency and GDP.

Preparation Strategy for The CUET General Test 2023: Topic-Wise Preparation Technique 

Below are some easy and effective steps that will help you in understanding and making your preparation for CUET General Test 2023 effective.

Preparation Strategy for the Quantitative Reasoning Section

  • The most effective way to improve your score in the quantitative reasoning section is to exercise your quantitative reasoning skills.
  • It is clearly evident that practice makes a man perfect. 40 to 50 questions must be completed by the students each day from this section in order to enhance their reasoning abilities. 
  • After finishing each topic, students will get a better understanding of where they are standing in terms of their preparation. This insight can be gained only by working through Common University Entrance Test sample exam questions.
  • The most important thing is for candidates to analyze their mistakes while solving the tasks. They must also discover their strengths and weaknesses. After this, the next crucial step is to focus on improving their strong areas and work hard on their weak areas to understand the ideas better. 
  • If the students keep a record of their mistakes and revise them repeatedly, difficult topics can be grasped by them in a better manner.
  • The majority of the significant questions come from the cubes and squares of the numbers section and therefore, students have to thoroughly understand this subtopic.
  • Students must be enhancing their calculating speed in order to be able to answer more questions in a shorter amount of time.
  • In order to succeed in the quantitative reasoning phase, it is necessary to review the equations and formulae. Fundamentals such as BODMAS, percentage formulae, multiplication tables and simplification formulas must be thoroughly revised by the students in order to answer the problems based on these concepts.

Preparation Strategy for the Logical and Analytical Thinking Section

  • A lot of practice is needed for the students for answering logical and analytical questions from this section. It includes topics such as verbal reasoning, analogy, classification, mathematical operations, logical Venn diagrams, letter and symbol series, sitting arrangements, time and ranking sequence tests, numbers, alphabet tests, and inserting the missing character section.
  • Do an analysis of the problem regions after finding the answers to 40 to 50 of the puzzle problems.
  • Based on challenging subjects, ask yourself a few questions. This will help you in evaluating your preparation for the overall exam.
  • In the newspaper, they should work the puzzles. Also, they can solve puzzles on websites in order to strengthen their logical and analytical abilities.

Focus on Weak Areas

  • You should focus on becoming an expert in your areas of weakness. This can be done by checking the correct answers for each error. The logical and analytical subjects cover topics such as Inequalities and syllogisms. Therefore, it is crucial to familiarize yourself with these concepts to ace this examination.
  • Work through the NCERT Solutions for Class 12 problems for proper logical and analytical skills preparation.
  • Incorrect replies must be identified by the students while they are obtaining the proper solution. This is, however, a challenging task. Among the alternatives that are provided, students can locate incorrect responses. They can reject those choices so that they can arrive at an answer that is accurate among the given options.
  • Practice a lot of mock tests in order to become familiar with the types of logical and analytical questions. This will definitely help you on the real examination.
  • You must ensure that you have reviewed the essential ideas before taking the test.
  • Also, from the Class 10 exam of the previous year, examine the question paper. This will help you in familiarizing yourself with the kind of questions that can appear in the logical and analytical parts of the exam.

Preparation Strategy for the Numerical Abilities Section

  • Creating a study schedule is the most efficient strategy to prepare for the Common University Entrance Test. Also, you must adhere to the schedule that you have prepared as best you can. Students need to allocate a specific amount of time every day to be able to keep up with the preparation for their numerical ability section. They must go through the problems in this part.
  • Students must practice the common questions that will appear on the Common University Entrance Test in order to be able to cover the numerical ability syllabus. These questions will appear from the analogies, non-verbal series, mirror and water images, analytical reasoning, coding and decoding, statement and argument, judgment and reasoning, direction test, statement and conclusion, blood relations and classification topics.
  • The principles of numerical ability must be applied in real-world or day-to-day settings in order for the students to improve their level of preparedness.
  • For the numerical ability segment, in order to improve their level of preparation, applicants must work through practice problems. They must also work through those examinations that are contained inside NCERT books.

Preparation Strategy for the Current Affairs Section

  • By watching the news daily, students must remain up-to-date on current events. Through this, they will be aware of what is occurring around the globe. Students must be knowledgeable on various topics that include national and international defence, significant events, art and culture and current issues regarding science and technology.
  • A student must essentially all of the recent happenings that occurred 365 days before the test date around the world.
  • In order to evaluate their level of preparedness, applicants must take part in several quiz competitions. 
  • Quizzes related to current events are held on the internet through a multitude of websites. In order for the students to participate and analyze their preparations, the quiz sessions are readily available.
  • Students must analyze the incorrect responses in order for them to improve their preparedness for current affairs. They must get insights into the proper solution.
  • It is extensive and difficult to understand the curriculum for CUET part 3 – the general test. Moreover, it is essential to have a comprehensive understanding of the curriculum of CUET in order to succeed in this segment and garner excellent marks.
  • It is not an unachievable goal to achieve a passing score on CUET General Test 2023, although it may seem difficult.

Why should candidates perform well in CUET?

The National Testing Agency notified officially, the CUET, NEET, and JEE exam dates. It was released on 15th December 2022, for the upcoming academic session 2023-2024. It is crucial to enhance your preparation strategy as the crowd that you are going to compete with is enormous.

The preparation for domain-based subjects is different for different domains. However, for the general test, the preparation strategy is the same for all the domains. Even though some universities do not insist on candidates taking up the general test, candidates are recommended and advised to do so.

Moreover, this examination is the crucial admit card for the students to enter into their college life. Hence, preparing well and performing in this examination will help the candidates get into the college or university that they wish and pursue the course they desire.


In order to perform exceptionally well on the Common University Entrance Test, a candidate must garner a good score on the general test. This test is found to be intimidating by a lot of students. However, they can guarantee good results if they put in the effort to study and practice.

There is access to a range of resources and students who are struggling to study for this section should be consoled with this fact. Moreover, there is no shame in asking for assistance. If you do an in-depth study of the subject matter and become familiar with the outline of the course, you will find it easier to get ready for the CUET 2023 examination.

Moreover, you can evaluate your level of preparation by taking practice exams and therefore, assess your ability to tackle the real thing. You will have a successful performance on the CUET General Test 2023 if you follow these guidelines. Also, do not forget the fact and keep realizing your ambition of attending a prestigious college.

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