Post-study work visa benefits in the United Kingdom

Post-study work visa benefits in the United Kingdom

The United Kingdom has emerged as the top destination of choice this year for Indian students
preparing to join universities abroad for their higher education with a significant rise in the
number of Indians traveling there for pursuing higher educational opportunities.

Around 108,000 student visas were issued for Indian nationals this year which was almost
double compared to the previous year according to the British High Commission in India. With
the decrease in the pandemic and uplifting of travel restrictions, the situation is gradually moving
back to normal.

Face to Face teaching has resumed and other social activities being on the offline. But,
universities are trying to keep some of the beneficial aspects of online provision which will be
helpful for the students. As part of their studies, students have also been able to complete work
placements and travel abroad.

International students in the UK are allowed to access UK’s National Health Service as part of
the student visa application through which they can access emergency treatment at no upfront
cost. The current rise in applications is also attributed to the renewed efforts from both nations
which enable each other to become stronger hubs of higher education.

The introduction of the graduate route which allows a two-year post-study work visa to
international graduates has expanded opportunities to build successful careers in the UK for
talented Indian students. Indian students do not require a job offer to apply for the graduate route
and there are no salary requirements.

This helps international graduates to work flexibly, develop their careers, and move between job
opportunities. 12,000 Indian students have been able to gain further skills and experience since
the introduction of the graduate route after completing their degrees. Chinese, Nigerian and
Indian students accounted for over 58% of visa grants in this route.

Non-EU graduates employed in the UK five years after graduation have earnings 19.7 percent
higher than UK domiciled graduates and thus, the overseas graduates in the UK continue onto
highly successful careers. The UK works on supporting Indian students to pursue their dreams to
pursue world-class education and post-study employment opportunities.

This graduate route, therefore, helps students to gain international work experience. The second-
the largest student community in the UK is Indian nationals. Both India and UK are aligned to
realize the mutual vision through the India-UK Roadmap 2030.

Both the education departments have been working together to achieve a framework for mutual
recognition of academic qualifications which will pave a way for deeper collaboration between

India and the UK allow the mobility of students between the two countries and the exchange
of knowledge and ideas between institutions.

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