Points-based visa system in the United Kingdom for students

Points-based visa system in the United Kingdom for students

The UK has introduced a new points-based visa system that requires international students to have 70 points upon entering the country and this will replace the Tier 4 visa route which currently applies to non-EU students and has been implemented earlier than expected.

In order for your student visa application to be accepted, you have to hold an offer from an approved sponsor such as a UK university, Proof of English language proficiency and evidence of sufficient funds.

The points-based system makes the study of both EU and non-EU students more streamlined and you can apply for an international student visa up to six months before your course starts. This is up from the three months which is originally required under the Tier 4 visa route.

The proof of your academic qualifications need not be resubmitted with your visa application as was necessary under the Tier 4 visa system. There will be no limit on the number of international who are allowed to study in the UK under this process which has been implemented to increase the total number of international students entering the UK by 2030 to 600,000.

Students who have provided proof that they are able to support themselves financially for one year in the UK will not be required to resubmit this evidence at a later date.

This will, therefore, reduce the amount of paper that is needed to submit and in terms of meeting the maintenance requirements, electronic bank statements will be sufficient along with a wider variety of accounts will be necessary as evidence of your eligibility.

Launching the student route early has sent a message that the UK is inviting the best and brightest students to come and student at its globally renowned education institutions. International students who have completed a degree at a recognized UK institution will be allowed to remain in the UK and work for two years after graduation through this new points-based system.

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