Part-Time jobs for International students in the United States

Part-Time jobs for International students in the United States

In order to meet expenses, international students studying in the US will have to work part-time and build important skills to improve their CV.

Attending a university in the US adds up to expenses such as course fees, housing and other living expenses. Thus, selecting a course and choosing an institution should be the top priority when making plans to study abroad.

This will help in building a strategy for financing the trip. Working part-time will help in building important skills to improve your CV along with helping to solve this issue. The minimum wage earned by a student in a part-time job ranges from $7.25 to $15 per hour depending on the state. This shows that the location of the university will have a significant impact on the amount of money you can make.

Top 5 part-time jobs in the USA for international students:

Campus ambassador

Marketing in charge is given to campus ambassadors of the university with an hourly wage of $10.94. The benefits of applying are outlined to the prospective student. This is an excellent position for someone who enjoys meeting new people and working in a team.


If your university comprises an on-campus cafe, this is an excellent area to work. Students are paid an average hourly wage of $11.59.

Sales Assistant

Working at a campus convenience store or mini-market is also a method to supplement your income. In addition to that, University campuses also consist of stores with branded clothing and other items which serves as an excellent source of part-time employment. $20.00 is paid as an average hourly wage for this job.

Department Assistant

Working as a department assistant helps in obtaining transferable skills for your resume. Resolving departmental issues will be the key role along with providing help to certain teams or projects. You must also supply administrative and secretarial support for a department for which you will be provided with an hourly wage of $16.44.


The receptionist is responsible for general office support and administration along with customer service and telephonic and email communication with staff and students. An average of $13.31 is paid hourly.

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