Over 60,000 students confirm DU’s admission

Over 60,000 students confirm DU’s admission

Delhi University has made 80,164 allocations in the first round for which 60,863 candidates have accepted these allocations.

Candidates have accepted more than two-thirds of seats allocated by Delhi University for its admissions to undergraduate courses. DU has around 70,000 undergraduate seats on offer. It has made 80,164 allocations in the first round for which 60,863 candidates have accepted these allocations.

Due to the change in difficulty level, the competition for seats in arts programmes is much higher than in the science programmes. At Miranda House, in the unreserved category, the highest CUET score in which BA (Hons) Political Science programme was allotted is 800/800. 8 candidates have that perfect score. However, the lowest score of allotment is 787/800.

The highest score, in the unreserved category for BSc. (Hons) Physics programme is 518/600 and the lowest is 401/600. Thus, the seat allotments closed at 99.38% in BA (Hons) Political Science while for B.Sc. (Hons.) Physics, it is 66.83%.

The highest score in unreserved seats for BA (Hons) English is 800/800 while the lowest was 760/800. However, for BA (Hons) Economics, the highest was 753/800 and the lowest was 715/800.

Analysis of the scores reflects that science papers were much harder. The requisite score for Mathematics was 103.7/200 or 51.%, 129.2 or 64.5% for Chemistry and 105.05 or 71.3% for Physics. However, the requisite score is 165.4 or 82.7% for History, 175.8 or 87.9% for Economics and 190.9 or 95.45% for psychology.

In Kirori Mal College, for BA (Hons) Political Science, the lowest score is approximately 774/800 (96.75%) while the score is approximately 358/600 (59.66%) in BSc. (Hons) Physics. Thus, students who were in the science stream in school and wish to move to an arts or commerce programme now will have higher competition.

Allotments in unreserved seats in arts and commerce colleges have closed well above 700/800. B.Com in Ramjas College closed at 764/800 while their B.Com (Hons) closed at 771/800. Moreover, their BA (Hons) Political Science programme closed at 781/800.

The allotments for unreserved seats for both BCom (Hons) and BA (Hons) Political Science, at Sri Venkateswara College closed at 769. For BA programme, it is at 754 and for BA (Hons) History, it is at 742.

In Aryabhatta College, in BA (Hons) Political Science, seat allotments stopped at 692.62/800 while for BA (Hons) English, the allotment stopped at 654/800. However, the allotment stopped at 638.5/800 in BA (Hons) Economics.

At Ramanujan College, the seat allotment for BA (Hons) Political Science, B.Com. (Hons) and BA (Hons) Economics closed at 674.02/800, 688.8/800 and 633/800 respectively. Allotments for BA (Hons) Applied Psychology closed at 728/800.

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