Opportunities for international students on nursing – Canada

Opportunities for international students on nursing – Canada

Quebec announces plans to invest 65 million Canadian dollars in the training of 1000 non-local nurses, thereby opening up opportunities for international students looking for jobs related to nursing in Canada.

Nurses must hail from French-speaking countries to be eligible with the first phase targeting recruits from Cameroon, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and Mauritius. Successful candidates must attend a College of General and Vocational Education in Quebec for a 9 to 12-month refresher course that will be covered by the government along with a weekly stipend of 500 Canadian dollars.

This plan has been put in place to fulfil Quebec’s current shortage of nurses and seven regions have been identified in the primary phase. In autumn 2022, the first cohort of trained nurses will be recruited.  To properly recruit and integrate international candidates, training will take place over the course of two years and nurses will be allowed to work up to 20 hours per week in the meantime.

With the selected recruits, immediate family members and spouses will be allowed to stay in Quebec and will be granted an open work permit. Canada is facing a severe nursing shortage due to a result of burnout from overworked nurses.

Moreover, 83% of nurses felt that their institution\’s core healthcare staff was not sufficient to meet patient needs. Nurses in Quebec have reported that they had to work long hours which has severely impacted their time for rest and recuperation.

Many of the Canadian universities have over highly-rated nursing degrees and due to the staffing shortage across the country, skilled and trained nurses are in high demand. This opens up various opportunities for students to study and pursue nursing in Canada with many incentives introduced for foreign talent.

The Provincial Nominee Program is a specialized route for the immigration of skilled workers and graduates in Canada in which provinces are given the option to nominate skilled international candidates to fill in-demand jobs.

Each province has its own guidelines to ensure that the nurses meet the required standards to practice in Canada and there are three recognized nursing groups namely, Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse or Registered Psychiatric Nurse.

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