NHEQF revised – Easier to pursue dual degrees abroad

NHEQF revised – Easier to pursue dual degrees abroad

The National Higher Education Qualification Framework was revised by the University Grants Commission making it easier for students who wish to pursue dual degrees from abroad universities as students were not able to do this previously due to their differing levels of qualification.

The framework will apply from the graduation level to PhD and the level from 5 to 10 in higher education has decreased from 4.5 to 8. Assessment standards have been devised for students and they have been separated into levels ranging from 5 to 10.

The first year of study at the undergraduate level would be level 5 as per the NHEQF draft issued on January 30, 2022 and the PhD would be level 10. However, the levels range from 6 to 12 all throughout the world and the highest level is 12 in Scotland. Malaysia, New Zealand and Australia are in level 10 while in Europe there are 8 levels.

Education is provided at levels 7 and 6 in Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand. A student who wishes to pursue a dual degree program abroad will require uniformity in the qualification system and this new uniformity of Indian higher education will make it easier for them to do so.

Students who pursue their education in Indian institutions will also be permitted to choose any other course in the middle of their studies. This change has been communicated to the vice-chancellors of the universities across the country and it is concluded that higher education in the country will have a unified qualification structure based on the learning outcomes.

Students will have the benefit of moving to any curriculum and similar to school education, students in higher education will be examined on the basis of learning outcomes each year. Students can have more job prospects as this exam assesses their knowledge and skills.

From this academic year 2022-2023, multiple entry-exit schemes will be incorporated which will aid students to discontinue their education and obtain a certificate or diploma degree. Upon completion of the course after a given time period, the respective university will offer them a degree in the same course.

Students from any stream will be able to choose their own subjects and students who are pursuing engineering or science will have the privilege to study courses such as music, dance and art education.

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