New Regulations to Protect Temporary Foreign Workers

New Regulations to Protect Temporary Foreign Workers

Canada has strengthened safeguards for Temporary Foreign Workers to promote workplace safety.

Employment and Social Development Canada has announced changes to the Immigration and Refugee Protection Regulations for Temporary Foreign Workers. This is in collaboration with Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada.

13 modifications have been proposed to strengthen TFW safeguards. This will improve the Temporary Foreign Workers Program. This will safeguard TFWs from abuse and exploitation by employers. The employers must offer all TFWs information on their rights in Canada. Employers must not retaliate against employees and are prohibited from charging recruiting fees.

Companies must also be accountable for providing access to healthcare services to their employees. Private health insurance must be offered to the employees. Therefore, these changes are meant to discourage bad workplace practices.

This will strengthen the program\’s ability to inspect workplaces, enforce regulations and endorse punishments for not following the rules. Also, there is the suspension of Labour Market Impact Assessments if ESDC has reasonable grounds to suspect an employer who fails to comply with the additional standards.

TFW Privileges

TFWs will be provided with similar privileges as Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Companies must create a safe working environment free of retaliation and harassment. Moreover, an employer must not refuse to pay an employee for the labour performed as given in the employment agreement.

All workers\’ rights are safeguarded in Canada by law. The International Mobility Program establishes conditions for recruiting TFWs in Canada. It also offers open work permits to vulnerable employees who are subjected to unfair working circumstances so that they can find other jobs promptly.

The Government of Canada, thus, strengthens its power to safeguard TFW and improves its capability to prevent potential maltreatment or abuse.

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