New Program launched for international students to grow

New Program launched for international students to grow
  • The government of Saskatchewan launched the Saskatchewan Agent Training Program to solidify partnerships with global recruitment agents who work within post-secondary education sector. This initiative is taken to attract international students to study within the province and supports the economic recovery and population growth.
  • The training will be delivered by the Ministry of Advanced Education in collaboration with the Canadian Bureau for International Education and it is expected that up to 270 recruitment agents will be trained by March 2024 through this program.
  • This program is an important component of the new International Education Strategy which will help the post-secondary education sector to achieve their student recruitment goals which will in turn contribute to the workforce of the province thereby supporting the economic recovery and population growth goals.
  • Prospective students will be better informed and supported by highly trained recruitment agents who have learnt Canadian laws and immigration as well as have the knowledge of the benefits of studying, living and working in Saskatchewan.
  • The institutions will also be able to market their programs and can build their relationships with the recruitment agents. The University of Saskatchewan’s presence and reputation will be strengthened internationally through the support of the government in this new program.
  • Similarly, other universities such as University of Regina welcome students from nearly 100 countries and a variety of experiences brought by those students strengthen the learning and research culture. Saskatchewan Polytechnic has worked to foster study abroad opportunities and increase the international students enrolled.

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