New Panel to work together on higher education policies

New Panel to work together on higher education policies

A new panel has been formed for UGC and AICTE to work together on higher education policies.

A committee has been set up to prepare a roadmap for the All India Council of Technical Education and University Grants Commission to work together. They will work as a single regulatory entity. This comes in view of the establishment of the proposed Higher Education Commission of India.

The committee will identify areas where the two regulators can work on a common approach towards formulating policies and regulations. Vice-chairpersons of AICTE and UGC are included as members of the committee. AICTE member-secretary, as well as UGC secretary, are also included.

There will also be a separate set of sub-committees which comprises officials of the two bodies. This will prepare a system which will adapt to a situation HECI will be the overarching body of higher education. The HECI is a significant regulatory platform for the NEP 2020.

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