Necessity of a student portfolio for application abroad

Necessity of a student portfolio for application abroad

Every overseas university has different eligibility criteria for the admission of foreign students. Students\’ portfolio is considered to be the deciding factor in all Ivy League universities in the US and some of the premier universities in the UK including London School of Economics, Cambridge and Oxford.

A limited number of items are selected to exhibit growth over time and to serve a particular purpose in a student’s portfolio. Portfolios must contain five to seven best works of the students during the school year and scores are supposed to reflect optimum performance.

For students who are aspiring to study at any premier overseas university, a portfolio is a necessary prerequisite. It is as similar to presenting a case with all facts and figures. Along with consistent academic scores, other initiatives such as research papers, thesis or journals written in their field of specialization will be an add-on point while applying to foreign universities.

An aspirant must begin working on their portfolio by Class 9 or at least by Class 11. Participation in extracurricular activities can also be included in the portfolio and this is the time when students are encouraged to engage in related activities to get experience.

Students are also guided to change their schools from CBSE and CISCE affiliated to the International Baccalaureate to gain better exposure to the prerequisite of applying to any premier foreign university.

Universities are focused more on the personality and interests of the students. An application to US universities should have a unified theme that includes information on non-subject-related activities, social activities and internships.

Moreover, the essay should be based on personal experience and not be rhetorical. For universities in the UK, grades play an equivalent role to portfolio in application acceptance and it should largely reflect academic excellence such as online courses attended, research papers published, names of books read, etc. A student must be sure of which course they want to take and build a portfolio around it as it is not possible to switch subjects during the undergraduate program in the UK.

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