NAU launches pilot program – Eliminate barriers for students

NAU launches pilot program – Eliminate barriers for students
  • Nearly 50,000 students from Arizona High School across grades 9-12 might not have access to certain courses required for admission to Northern Arizona University. This challenge is being tackled by the NAU with a pilot program that will ensure more hard-working and highly qualified students who graduate from an Arizona High School have a college degree at NAU.
  • This program will be launched for the incoming students for the class of fall 2023 to help strengthen Arizona’s workforce. NAU will be soon known as Arizona’s engine of opportunity and to achieve this objective, the admission practices of NAU is being tailored.
  • NAU is working to eliminate unnecessary obstacles that come into college education. Currently, many students who graduate Arizona High School with a 3.0 GPA have not assured admission because they may not have access to all the required courses.
  • Currently, NAU such as the University of Arizona and Arizona State University requires 16 core courses for assured admissions. However, certain Arizona High Schools do not offer the 16 core courses, especially in math and second language.
  • NAU’s pilot program allows more students the opportunity to pursue post-secondary education by removing the barrier of second language availability and will accept more fourth-year math courses. Students with a strong performance in high school give them an unobstructed pathway to NAU.
  • NAU’s pilot program will help to serve the Arizonans better by eliminating barriers that undermine college-going aspirations of diverse and highly talented students thus, making them succeed in the NAU and making them active participants in the economy and democracy.

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