National PG College Lucknow to not implement NEP in 2021

It is decided by the National Post Graduate College Lucknow to not implement the four-year undergraduate course in the academic session 2021-2022 due to lack of teachers and required infrastructure.

National PG College is the only college with autonomous status under Lucknow University. Lucknow University has designed a four-year curriculum for UG to implement from the 2021-2022 academic session which will have multiple entry and exit options.

The Lucknow University has directed all of its colleges to implement the curriculum and most of the colleges have agreed to introduce NEP in this session despite the lack of infrastructure and faculty. However, National PG College has agreed to implement the new system from 2022-2023.

As the session for this year has already been delayed due to the pandemic, NPGC has decided not to implement NEP in a haste. Moreover, an NCC unit is necessary for a four-year curriculum that is not present in the college.

The computer lab must also be upgraded for various vocational courses such as banking, forensic science, e-commerce and digital marketing. The new curriculum will serve better when introduced with full facilities and the syllabus for major and minor subjects will be revised to serve the interests of the students.

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