Most regretted college degrees – Journalism, sociology, liberal arts

Most regretted college degrees - Journalism, sociology, liberal arts

Computer science is the most desired degree among candidates who regret their college degree choice. This choice is followed by business administration.

Students spend three to four years getting a college degree. Some students also choose an education or study loan. However, a report states that candidates who have earned a degree in journalism, communication, sociology, etc., disagree that this struggle is worth it as many regret getting a college degree.

Most loved and regretted jobs

44 per cent of all current job seekers regret their college major choice. 87 per cent of journalism degree holders stated that they would choose a different degree if they were bestowed with a second chance.

The second spot is for sociology, liberal arts and general studies with 72 per cent. This trend is followed by communication degrees with 64 per cent. Education degree on the other hand is 61 per cent. The list also includes Marketing management and research, political science and government, medical/clinical assisting, English language, literature and biology.

Moreover, 72 per cent of candidates state that they would once again opt for the same degree if given a choice. This is for a degree in computer and information sciences, and criminology. This is followed by engineering graduates at 71 per cent, nursing at 69 per cent and health at 67 per cent.

Other college degrees that were regret-free are business administration and management with 66 per cent of candidates. This trend is followed by finance at 66 per cent and psychology at 65 per cent. The next courses on the list were construction trades at 65 per cent and human resource management at 58 per cent.

Computer science is the most desired degree among candidates (13 per cent of candidates) who regret their college degree choice. This choice is followed by business administration at 11 per cent.

Importance of Graduate Degrees for Jobs

Georgetown University released a report on education. It is seen in the report that, the workforce claims a Bachelor’s degree worth $2.8 million on average. However, there is hesitance about the worth of a four-year degree by a lot of students and parents.

Also, even among people with the same degree, a wide variation has been found in earnings by occupation. Earnings also vary within the same occupation by education level. The earning level also varies with factors such as gender and race.

Even at similar education levels, women who work full-time earn 25 per cent less than men. Women earn less at all degree levels. Compared with 19 per cent of men, only 8 per cent of women who regret their majors wish they had studied computer science.

African Americans and Latinos, at the highest education level, earn close to a million dollars. This is less than their white and Asian counterparts. Also, data shows that African Americans and Latinos who have Master’s degrees have their lifetime earnings which are lower than Whites who only possess a bachelor’s degree.

Thus, the reports show that an education degree is important as it works in enhancing the pay level. The difference in earnings is growing between those who go to college and those who don’t. This means that postsecondary education has become more important than ever. This is, however, not true for every scenario as several other factors have different effects on salaries and job prospects.

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