More AI in Indian Education – UNESCO

More AI in Indian Education - UNESCO

UN body recommends responsible use of Artificial Intelligence to impart quality education.

UN recommendations

A recent United Nations report has recommended that India should focus more on artificial intelligence in its education system. UNESCO has listed 10 policy recommendations. It has recommended AI to accelerate progress toward achieving sustainable development goal four.

SDG 4 aims to ensure inclusive, equitable and quality education for all and promote lifelong learning opportunities. AI is increasingly becoming common with its recent development and impacts. The UN body has recommended India adopt techniques to eliminate biases in algorithms.

Biases are often influenced by preconceived human stereotypes and prejudices which are directly related to the data fed into the program. Also, there must be regulatory bodies which validate these AI-based products. However, Can help schools that lack basic infrastructure? AI can help only the upper-middle class of society which has sufficient infrastructure.

UN has also recommended prioritising the ethics of AI in education creating effective Public-Private partnerships and providing an overall regulatory framework. Also, expanding AI literacy to inform people of the benefits and risks of technology were some of its recommendations.

Moreover, AI can help in addressing some challenges in the Indian Education system such as gender inequalities, socio-economic inequities, inadequate teaching quality, insufficient teachers, linguistic barriers, high drop-out rates and the digital divide.

The Digital Divide

The Covid-19 pandemic and lockdown have driven school drop-out rates in India and exposed the digital divide. Moreover, only one in four children have access to digital devices and internet connectivity. AI could help teachers track learning outcomes and assess the individual competencies of students in real time. It can also train students based on their learning ability.

India will require a lot of investments in research and development to reach this height. More research is needed to acquire the efficiency of AI before employing it in schools. Moreover, many Ed-tech companies are selling inferior products to schools and the government is likely to buy products based on cost-benefit analysis.

Thus, in order to improve the quality, one must develop a curriculum that enables critical thinking among students. Also, the basic infrastructure of the schools must be improved.

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