Montclair App join Common App program for admissions

Montclair App join Common App program for admissions
  • The Common App’s Direct Admissions program for 2022 has named Montclair State University as one of the six schools in the nation to be its partner institution. In New Jersey, Montclair is the only school to join this initiative and guarantees college admissions for qualified students to Common App Institutions from Maryland, Virginia, Tennessee and the Garden State.
  • 3000 students will be offered direct admissions to Montclair from New Jersey for the fall 2022 semester. Also, more than 13000 students will be offered guaranteed admissions to Common App Schools. Students are eligible based on the GPA information and state residency given by them in the Common App Account.
  • For direct admissions, the eligible students are entered into a lottery for the seat available in their state. The Common App Direct Admissions is designed to provide equity and integrity in the admission process and will help the underrepresented high school students to attend college.
  • Nationally, more than 1 million applicants use the Common App each year with one-third of applicants being first-generation learners. The fee waiver process is made more efficient for the students in need and helps in reducing barriers to the college application process.
  • Students who have not acquired admissions for the program can apply to Montclair State University through the institutions own application at or through the Common App.

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