Mixed responses at the announcement of entrance exams – DU

  • The Delhi University has confirmed its admissions through entrance exams for all the undergraduate and postgraduate courses from the academic year 2022-2023 due to the high cut-offs that are witnessed every year.
  • This year, over 10 colleges under the Delhi University needed 100 percent cut-off marks for admitting students into courses such as Political Science, Economics, Physics, etc. However, the entrance test structure is yet to be announced. The vice-chancellor of DU stated that there will be no weightage for Class 12 marks and this decision has gained a varied response from the students and teachers.
  • Some claim that this decision would genuinely test the aptitude of the students and their interest in the subject whereas others claim that students will be encouraged to focus more on the selective study of subjects that are needed for their higher education thus affecting the overall performance.
  • Students state that this decision has come as a helping hand to those students who are not good in the overall performance but excel in the specialized subjects. This may increase the chances of them getting into prestigious institutions.
  • Other students who condemn the decision of entrance exams state that students who do not want a gap year and wish to prepare for the entrance exams along with the board exams will have an additional burden and they must have proper time management to manage both preparations simultaneously.
  • The entrance examinations will however be based on analytical, logical and conceptual knowledge of the students and not only the subjective knowledge. This test will also help in judging the online learning gaps and will prepare the students for future careers and growth.
  • It is also expected that the new policy might encourage coaching culture and that the tuition industry may reap the advantages of giving last-minute crash courses. This examination will serve as a difficulty to the students who would apply for multiple courses due to uncertainty or indecision.
  • The syllabus of the entrance exam has not been clear yet and thus only a little time will be left to understand and prepare for the exam. Also, parents argue that the timing of the decision to introduce the entrance exam is unsuitable considering the online classes and the pandemic.

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