Mission Unstoppable to Spotlight Three STEM teachers

Mission Unstoppable to Spotlight Three STEM teachers
  • Infosys Foundation USA and CBS’s multi-award-winning television series Mission Unstoppable are collaborating to highlight three dedicated teachers who are inspiring young students to pursue careers in STEM from the Foundation’s Pathfinders Institute program.
  • Mission Unstoppable will present the first of the three new episodes on Saturday, February 19 which will feature Lisa Moe, an innovative fourth-grade teacher at Chino Valley Unified School District in Chino, California. She is an alumna of the Pathfinders Institute Program and inspires her students to break barriers in math, engineering, computer science and technology.
  • Later this season, two other Pathfinders educators namely Maria Aguilar from Sacramento, California and Dr Kellie Taylor, an elementary school teacher in Boise, Idaho school district will be featured. Mission Unstoppable features female STEM professionals in an impactful way to break stereotypes and encourage adolescent girls to pursue STEM.
  • Infosys Foundation USA works to increase access to computer science and maker education among underrepresented groups including girls and women. Representation and visibility in sciences matter to young girls who are in need of mentors and teachers to inspire them to become the next generation of diverse female STEM pioneers.

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