Life in Foreign University

Life in Foreign University

This article comprises handy advice from a student who is living his dreams by studying at a foreign university.

I completed high school in Mumbai under the CBSE curriculum. Currently, I am pursuing an Aerospace Engineering degree with a minor in Business Studies at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology (HKUST).

I was previously confused about my future career and was in a dilemma about the university or city. When I was looking for potential universities to apply to, I found HKUST on the QS World Rankings list. I learned more about the university later on after attending an in-person info session conducted by the Undergraduate Recruitment and Admissions office of the University in Mumbai.

I got my final offer in June after applying in October. You have to visit the official website to apply. You can contact the university\’s student ambassadors to clear your doubts and get peer-to-peer services. The documents required for admission are your personal statement, letter of recommendation, English language test scores, proof of extracurricular activities and Class 10 and 12 mark sheets.

It is better to study in universities which adopt a flexible and broad-based curriculum for students who are confused about which major to choose. Students were motivated to try different introductory courses during the first year of study.

This will help in discovering one\’s interests and understand if the chosen programs lead us to the careers that we wish to pursue in the future. This process helps in making an informed decision based on your interests without any pressure. You can also opt-out of a discipline or change your major at any given point during your degree.

Expand Your Options and Portfolio

The best advice is that you can pursue something you find even remotely interesting before you apply to a university. Your portfolio does not need to focus only on the things you aspire to do at the university. It must also focus on your interests irrespective of the field.

Cultural Similarities and Differences

India and Hong Kong are similar in many ways. Life is fast-paced and there is something to explore. There are plenty of food options both off and on campus. However, in Hong Kong, you are encouraged to focus on a variety of things than just academics. You can pursue anything without any constraints and it does not have to be limited only to Aerospace related ventures.

There was a slight learning curve during my first year that I had to adapt to due to the difference in education between India and Hong Kong. Even if grades go down, in the beginning, it is not the end. It is important to learn from your mistakes and work harder and not give up until you achieve your goal.

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