Life in a Foreign University – Canada\’s York University

Life in a Foreign University - Canada's York University

This article comprises the experience of a student in a foreign university juggling between her master\’s degree and a part-time job.

I am Kriti Sharma. I am pursuing a Master\’s degree in public relations from Canada\’s York University. It was necessary to upgrade my skills while I working as a sub-editor and content writer in India. I choose to study abroad as it offers exposure to a new culture.

I was pursuing a Master\’s degree in Brand Management from Seneca College which is also situated in Toronto. In order to get a three-year postgraduate work permit in Canada, an individual is required to pursue two separate courses of a single course of two years.

Reason for Choosing Canada

I chose Canada as it is more affordable when compared to the USA and UK. Moreover, the job market is comparatively better compared to other countries. I have also enrolled in another course which requires me to attend in-person classes.

Canada offers the advantage of a practical approach and focuses on real-life case studies. The course content is industry-relevant and updated. It is also necessary to do research on the universities and the scholarships they offer.

I have also taken up a part-time job at a pizza place to cover my financial expenses. It is tricky to strike a balance between college and a job and still find time for yourself. Moreover, learning basic skills is necessary for students who wish to study abroad.

In Canada, domestic labour is very expensive. So everything must be done on our own. However, the weather condition is also extremely cold. But the buses, subways, buildings and street cars are centrally heated which makes the climate tolerable.

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