Life in a Foreign University – Admission at Pace University

Life in a Foreign University - Admission at Pace University

This article comprises a student guide that suggests how to choose a university in the USA.

I am Mayuri Khed and my dream was to study Master’s degree in the USA. I completed my graduation in 2020 with a bachelor’s degree in computer science. Due to the pandemic, the application for my Master’s degree was delayed. In the interim, I worked for Birlasoft as a software developer.

Meanwhile, I also began studying for the entrance exams for pursuing my master’s degree. I wanted to work on cyber security. But, I did not have an idea on which University I should apply to and how. I researched Universities that offer a complete degree in cyber security. I also attended career fairs which provided me with a thorough understanding of the courses offered by the universities.

Why Pace University?

After thorough research, I shortlisted a few universities. I applied to three institutes. However, my hopes were attached to Pace University as it matched all my expectations. The National Science Foundation funds Pace University’s cyber security department. They provide practical skills to their students.

Women in the university participate in the Cyber Defense programme. The university also encourages females to attend various workshops, conferences and other events. I applied to Pace University in December and received a final decision within 20 days. The university also offered me a scholarship.

The necessary documents were a statement of purpose, Academic mark sheets, Transcripts, Letter of recommendation, TOEFL score, Resume and Proof of extra-curricular activities.

The USA vs Indian universities

Universities in India offer a Master’s degree in computer science with cyber security. However, they are not world-class. US Universities have world-class reputations along with technological advances. Indians highly regard a degree from the USA. Students get extensive hands-on experience and there are world-class research labs and forensics labs.

Travel, learn and experience this country

India and the United States are diametrically opposite in Culture. There is no vegetarian food in the US. But Indian Street in Jersey City offers a variety of options. As I have taken an education loan, I budget the money received from my parents.

I’ll be joining the Pace International Students Association for extracurricular activities to increase my exposure. One must be certain of the career one wishes to pursue before making a firm decision. I encourage everyone to pursue their dreams and work hard to make them a reality.

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