Less stress for students – DU to ward off cut-off system

Less stress for students – DU to ward off cut-off system
  • Candidates need not stress themselves due to the Common Entrance Examination Based admission process that was announced by Delhi University to commence from the upcoming academic session 2022-2023. Delhi University will remove the cut-off system and the admissions will be purely based on Entrance examinations.
  • The good news is, students need not work in attaining 100 per cent in their 12th boards to enter Delhi University as the cut-offs have been skyrocketing for the past few years.
  • This decision will provide the candidates with a better shot at getting into the varsity and it will be fair among the candidates as the marks are normalized and solve the issue of high and low percentages among various boards.
  • Moreover, the approach towards entrance exams and boards is different. The entrance examination focuses on testing the aptitude of the students while the cut-off system focuses on testing the memory of the students.
  • Delhi University’s decision to conduct the entrance examination has created excitement among the students in spite of the hard work and struggle they will be facing. The decision will finally help the students in improving their skills and aptitude rather than concentrating only on their memory power.

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