Know all about pursuing Master\’s Courses in the UK 

  • Studying in the UK is a dream come true for all international students! From studying at world-class universities to getting the opportunity to learn from some of the most experienced faculties, there are a ton of things to be grateful for while pursuing your higher education at a university or college in the US. 

Read on to discover all the important details regarding the MS program in the UK. 

MS Course in UK Eligibility 

Check out a list of things to keep in mind before applying for admissions to MS courses in the UK.

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  • Candidates must hold a Bachelor’s Degree. 
  • Having high academic merit scores is an important factor to consider. 
  • Candidates must appear for the IELTS and have a minimum score of 6.5. The band requirement is higher for some programs such as English Literature, Journalism, Mass Communication, Creative Writing, and Law where a score of 7 or 7.5 is required. 
  • Taking SAT is not mandatory. 
  • Students with strong academic profiles, projects, internships, and published papers are given priority. 
  • Students can also opt for a Pre-Master’s program. It will prepare an aspiring student for postgraduate study in the UK. 

MS Course in UK Intake and Application Deadlines 

The admission process for MS courses in the UK takes place two times a year:

  • January or February admissions
  • September or October admissions

MS in UK Types of Degrees

The types of Masters courses offered in the universities of UK are:

  • There is a fair share of similarity between the UG program offered in India and the UK. A general UG Program in the UK for 3-4 years. The educational institutes offer several degrees from different streams and students have a range of options to choose from, provided that the candidates have the necessary qualifications to be eligible candidates. 

· Research Master’s: Includes courses such as Master of Research, Master of Philosophy. It’s like a Ph.D. where students focus on learning about a particular thesis under the supervision of an academic guide.

MS Course in UK Duration 

  • The duration of a UG course in the UK is generally between 3 to 5 years, depending upon the type, of course, you’ve opted to study.

MS Course in UK Tuition Fees

  • The average cost of pursuing an undergraduate degree in the UK ranges from British Pound 32000-50000 per annum. 

MS Course in UK Important Documents:

Students who want to take admissions for MS in the UK must have the following documents available:

  • Marks Sheets from previous educational qualifications
  • Official Test Score Reports
  • Scanned Copy of Passport
  • Financial Documents
  • Essays
  • Letters of Recommendations 
  • Portfolio
  • IELTS scores
  • Student Visa

Student Visa Important Terms and Provisions :

Check out the important terms and conditions for applying a student Visa in the UK:

  • Students cannot apply for a UK student Visa if they do permanent work. They can, however, apply for a work permit after graduation under INF 13 for employment in the UK.
  •  UK student visas are based on the PBS or the Point Based System. According to this, candidates with less than 40 points cannot apply for a UK student Visa.
  • Candidates must have the Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies (CAS) for a full-time degree course by a university that has decided to sponsor their education. Educational institutions that sponsor visas in this way hold Tier 4 Sponsors.

Why choose to study an MS Course in the UK?

Take a look at what makes the UK a preferred destination for pursuing a Master’s program:

  • According to the QS World University Rankings 2021 rankings, the UK has 4 universities in the top 10 list and 16 universities in the top 100 list. The Universities in the top 4 list include- University of Oxford (Rank 5), the University of Cambridge (Rank 7)Imperial College London (Rank 8)University College London (Rank 9). 
  • · Many renowned research works are frequently done by students and faculties in the universities in the UK.
  • UK accepts students from all over the world. The faculty themselves belong to different cultural backgrounds. Studying in the UK will grant a student multi-cultural exposure.
  • · Graduating from a tier university with UK grants immediately boosts the chances of recruitments, with strong employment prospects and extensive job opportunities. 
  • · International Students can access free healthcare services through the National Health Service. This however doesn’t cover dental and optical care is not and the cost of prescription medicine.

MS Course in UK Top Colleges

Check out the top MS courses in the UK that you can pursue: 

  • Master of Engineering 
  • Master of Architecture 
  • Master in Communication
  • Master of Science in Public Affairs 
  • Master of Social Work 
  • Master of Fine Arts 
  • Master of Philosophy 
  • Master of Information Technology
  • Master of Science in Nursing 
  • Master of Design with 
  • Master Degree in Marketing 
  • Master Degree in Pharmacy
  • Master Degree in Hospitality Management

MS in UK Field of Study

  • Business Studies
  • Philosophy
  • Literature
  • Law
  • Engineering/Medical
  • Music & Performing Arts
  • Life Science
  • English
  • Literature
  • History
  • Music
  • Science

MS Course in UK Top Universities

Check out the list of top universities in the UK for Master Degree programs:

  • University of Oxford
  • University of Cambridge
  • London Business School
  • London School of Economics
  • Imperial College London
  • University College London

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