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Bachelor of Arts in Linguistic is a three-year undergraduate degree program. The course offers a dynamic understanding of various languages around the world, and also gives a glimpse of how these languages have evolved. As a linguistic graduate, a student can polish his or her communication skills, critical thinking, and analytical skills. By learning new languages, you also get to explore diverse cultures and customs. Deep into the course, you will be exposed to different dialects such as phonology, semantics, grammar, etc. All these will allow you to garnish your way of understanding how language plays an essential role in uniting people, culture, and society across the world.


Candidates from all streams can pursue this Bachelor of Arts Linguistic course as their undergraduate degree after completing their 10+2 level. Candidates need to have a minimum of 45-50% aggregate scores in their 10+2 level to be eligible for this Bachelor of Arts Linguistic course. 


Some of the major subjects included under the Bachelor of Arts Linguistic course are listed below:

General Linguistic, Classification & Survey of Languages, Old and Middle Indo-Aryan Language, Phonology & Morphology, etc. 


Courses to pursue after completing Bachelor of Arts Linguistic:

· Masters



Popular job opportunities with a Bachelor of Arts Linguistic:

Job PositionAverage Annual Salary
LinguistINR 2 lakh
Speech TherapistINR 4 lakh
Dictionary CompilerINR 3.5 lakh
ProofreaderINR 5.5 lakh 


Bachelor of Arts Linguistic is a great course to pursue after passing your 10+2 level. You should pursue this course if you like learning a new language, and would like to get valuable insight into understanding what role language plays in connecting people and cultures across the world. 

Active recruitments occur for Bachelor of Arts Linguistic graduates for job positions such as Linguist, Proofreader, teacher, Editor, Speech Therapist, and much more. The average salary package of a Bachelor of Arts Linguistic graduate ranges from INR 2 lakh to 6 lakhs per annum.

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