Karnataka overhauls all states: Becomes the first to adopt NEP 2020

  • Replacing the previous NEP 1986, the National Educational Policy 2020 was passed by the Union Cabinet of India on 29th July 2020 to make India a \’Global Knowledge Superpower.\’ The policy has pledged to undertake every measure required to revolutionize the educational system of India by 2040. The new undertakings of the policy promise to better the educational sector from elementary education to higher education and vocational training in the urban & rural areas of India.  
  • Karnataka has decided to overhaul all by becoming the first Indian state to adopt and launch the NEP 2020. However, many officials and educationists are against the idea of hastily implementing a new policy on such short notice. The COVID-19 pandemic has unfortunately left the educational system vulnerable. Implementing new norms and abrupt changes to the system are bound to cause setbacks. Training the faculty, introducing a multidisciplinary curriculum, building a new syllabus, gathering the resources to construct new infrastructural facilities, financial assistance, etc., are some of the challenges that one has to overcome before the NEP 2020 could be officially launched into effect. 
  • Despite all these struggles, Karnataka CM Basavaraj Bommai released an official statement on 23rd August 2021 saying that the State will be launching a policy of digitization and research and development that shall help implement the National Educational Policy 2020
  • Further clarifying, he said that the only way for NEP to succeed is by making sure that the benefits of the policy reach every student living in different corners of the country. That is only possible with the help of a digital medium. Broadband networking is to be established in every village of the state with the assistance of technocrats and academics. The digitization scheme is aimed at age group 3 to 23 under which all degree-level students shall receive an iPad. The various reforms undertaken promise to help liberate the educational system in the state. 

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