Job Vacancies High in Canada – Increased by 3.2%

Job Vacancies High in Canada - Increased by 3.2%

Statistics Canada released its monthly report on wages, payroll employment and working hours in the country for the month of June 2022.

There were 32,000 job vacancies available between May and June 2022 in Canada. This is a 3.2% increase in job openings across the country. The overall number of job vacancies has crossed 1 million for three months consecutively.

In June, there were 5.9% of vacant jobs. This means that the total labour demand of Canada is unfilled. Over 6% vacancy rate is experienced in the health care and social assistance sectors. Job openings in these sectors have increased by 40.8% since June 2021. There were 149,700 job vacancies in this industry at a rate of 6.3% which is 0.4% higher than the national average.

Sectors with notable job vacancies

StatsCan reported 171,700 job vacancies in the food and accommodation sector in June. This is an increase of 6.6% from May\’s update. This sector had a total of 12.2% vacancies during this period according to estimates.

There are 15,200 additional job openings since May in the retail trade industry. This is a 15.3% increase in employment opportunities. The number of open positions has increased by 22.5% since June 2021 which is a total of 114,400. The job vacancy rate is, thus, 5.4%.

Job vacancies in five key industries

Below are brief statistics on job vacancies in Canada in five key industries:

  • Manufacturing – 82,800 vacancies
  • Transportation and Warehousing – 49,000 vacancies
  • Construction – 89,200 vacancies
  • Scientific, Professional and Technical Services – 72,200 vacancies
  • Finance and Insurance – 41, 200 vacancies

The ratio of unemployed to vacancies reached an all-time low of 1.0. This refers that, for every vacancy, there is only one unemployed person. The official unemployment-to-job vacancy ratio in June 2021 for the entire country of Canada was 1.9.

This fact shows that Canada\’s unemployment rate continues to decline nationwide even when job openings are increasing nationwide. The Canadian government is looking forward to increasing the country\’s workforce by increasing immigration. Canada also plans to bring in potential permanent residents between 2022-2024 which includes targets ranging from 430,000 to above 450,000 per year.

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