It’s Summertime for All Educational Institutes in Odisha!

It’s summertime for all educational institutes in Odisha

Releasing an official notification on 4th May 2021, Tuesday, the Government of Odisha has issued an
order to shut down all colleges and universities throughout the state from 5th May till 31 st May.
Odisha has recently seen a big Covid surge with about 472K detected cases and a total of 2,073
death tolls.

The recovered cases have been counted to be around 404K which means that currently
Odisha still has an outstanding number of 68k people who are still battling through the pandemic.
Considering the well-being of all its students and upcoming generation, the government of Odisha
has decided to immediately issue this summer vacation order.

In a letter addressing all Vice-Chancellors and Principals of all governmental and non-governmental
colleges, Saswat Mishra, appointed Commissioner and Secretary of Higher Education Department,
has asked all respective colleges to not conduct any online classes and examination for this issued
Covid-19 shutdown in the state.

The letter mentions that all colleges falling under the direct executive control of the Higher
Education Department shall abide by the rules and declare complete summer vacations of 26 days,
starting from the 5th of May.

The order however makes an exception for Ph.D. students and research scholars. It mentions
transparently that any pre-arranged viva/interviews of these respective scholars and students are to be conducted as scheduled.

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