Italy – A trending study-abroad destination in Europe

Italy - A trending study-abroad destination in Europe

What makes nearly 6,000 Indian students study in Italy, as per Indian government data?

Italy is the hottest study-abroad destination in Europe, mainly for Indian students. Italian universities are some of the most renowned educational institutions in the world which offer a range of subjects. What makes nearly 6,000 Indian students study in Italy, as per Indian government data?


The Higher Education System of Italy consists of universities and various other institutions which are privately and publicly funded institutions. The quality of education is of a very high standard. They offer many theoretical and academically-oriented UG, PG and PhD programs which cover various disciplines.

Some of the QS-ranked universities include the University of Bologna, the Polytechnic University of Milan, the University of Padua, the University of Rome – La Sapienza and the University of Milan.

Higher Technical Institutes offer practice-oriented programs which prepare students for real-world requirements. The AFAM institutions offer degrees in artistic fields. Internships and practical semesters form a compulsory part of the courses.


A wide range of courses is taught in English which makes it one of the crucial reasons for Italy\’s growing popularity with students from India. Italy facilitates the mobility of Indian students through various programs. It offers yearly grants to foreign citizens to indulge in various programs in the country at higher education institutes.

Invest Your Talent is offered to Indian students to pursue a PG in engineering, architecture, advanced technologies, economics, design or management at the best universities in Italy. Moreover, the program offers on-the-job training through internships at leading companies in Italy. Additionally, Italy offers many regional scholarships.


Italy offers the best connectivity across the country. Tuition fees are comparatively lower in Italian universities and the monthly living costs range only from 700-1,000 euros. International students can work 20 hours per week and can stay back in Italy after the completion of their degrees. The 12-month student visa extension allows them to work in Italy after the completion of a PG or PhD.

The region also offers delicious cuisines and the weather ensures that the country is warmer than its northern counterparts. Above all, Italy is Europe\’s third-largest economy along with being an international corporate hub. The country has increased the annual quota of work permits and plans to invite 75,000 foreign workers.

Moreover, Italian universities are involved in innovation and research in medicine, climate change and astronomy. Italy has become a key player in the overseas education market due to its academic prowess and international opportunities.

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