Is distance learning worth it in this present phase?

Distance learning is a type of educational system where students can attempt a course from home without escorting physical classes. Distance learning has become a hot topic of discussion amongst the youth nowadays due to its versatility of time, distance, and study schedule. Distance learning comes as an assistance to students who want to study further while also doing jobs or who cannot attend a full-time course for personal causes

  1. Always enroll in a distance learning program that has been sanctioned, certified, identified, and approved by national bodies for education purposes. All distance learning programs are acknowledged and approved by the Distance Learning Council for education purposes and job opportunities in both the Government and Private sectors.
  2. Distance learning courses are uniformly challenging and dynamic as the courses offered in a university.
  3. A distance learning degree is available in any course. 
  4. Universities and colleges pick top professors to administer an online class. These professors underlying support the faith that education must relinquish a broader section of the population.  
  • Here are some pros and cons of distance learning.


  • You can pursue a side-job along with your studies.
  • Affordable and cost-effective.
  • You can save money.
  • Time- effective and you can attend the courses from the confinement of your house.
  • You can learn things at your speed.
  • Quite a few employers acknowledge a distance learning degree during recruitments.


  • There is no direct contact with the faculty and professors.
  • There’s a lot of distractions and chances of getting side-tracts from studies.
  • Technology dependent and might not work if there is a poor network connection. 
  • Not all employers recognize a distance learning degree.
  • Unavailability of a few courses/ subjects in a distance learning course.
  • There’s a lack of discipline when there is no one to monitor your academic records and progress.
  • With a lack of interaction with students of the same age, it can get quite lonely.

Distance learning is a contemporary form of education that helps surmount the manifold boundaries in the path to education. Many are not comfortable with the topic due to a lack of knowledge and the unfair reputation of distance learning. Distance learning is as valid as getting a regular degree at a college. After the pandemic of COVID-19, the percentage of students acquiring a distance learning degree will also observe an increase. With the tremendous advancements that we have made in this era of technology, education can reach a wider audience throughout the entire world via the trail of distance learning.

Top Distance Learning Universities in India: 

  1. Indira Gandhi National Open University.
  2. Symbiosis Centre for Distance Learning.
  3. IMT Distance and Open Learning Institute.
  4. Sikkim Manipal University.
  5. The University of Mumbai.

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