Is a business analytics course for businesses or professionals?

Is a business analytics course for businesses or professionals?

In the online as well as offline domains, various short-term and degree programmes in business analytics are offered. This article answers 10 important questions to get a better understanding of this course.

Data-driven companies treat their data as a business asset. They look for various ways to turn it into a competitive advantage. All companies deal with some form of data. These data generate a neverending demand for business analysts.

The course is not just relevant for employees. This course is also useful for individuals running businesses. Through these courses, they will be able to understand the data their business network runs on. In the online as well as offline domains, various short-term and degree programmes in business analytics are offered. This article answers 10 important questions to get a better understanding of this course.

What is the eligibility for the business analytics course?

Graduates or working professionals who are interested in Analytics can choose them. This will help them understand its deeper implications in their own field. Many think that analytics provides 100 per cent accuracy and output. However, that is not the case. Major business decisions can be bettered through analytics. Also, major risks can be averted and leadership can be sustained.

Does business analytics need any prerequisites in the field of math or computer science?

There is no need for the candidates to have prerequisite knowledge in the field of math or computer Science. However, students or professionals need scientific thinking. They must approach every aspect with a very fundamental understanding of Math education.

Every business move and financial decision in organizations is centred around quantitative analyses. There is a need to have an evidence-based approach more than an opinion-based or nominative perspective to take financial decisions. Therefore, analytics is a choice that is undisputed to achieve that goal.

What is the course structure?

The course can be designed on the given key areas. These areas offer learners a learning edge and expand their employability scope.

  • Classifying datasets
  • Terminologies
  • Statistical Variations
  • Understanding good and bad data
  • Sampling Techniques
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Statistical Data Analysis
  • Tabular and Graphical Presentation
  • Prescriptive and Predictive Analytics
  • Data visualization techniques

What is the difference between a master’s degree and a certificate program in business analytics? What are the eligibility conditions?

The eligibility condition depends on the interest and commitment level of the learner. If one wants to specialize and gain a deeper knowledge of the field of analytics, then a master\’s program can be an appropriate choice. However, if the learner wants the skill for career progression, then a certification in Analytics can be an ideal choice. The certificate course is more short-term and less expensive as compared to the master\’s degree.

Which is better – MBA or a degree in business analytics?

Each has its own strengths and weaknesses. Also, both courses are dependent on each other, i.e., they overlap. Analytics comes is used during a business problem. Data is seen as the fuel to drive business success and performance in today\’s context.

Moreover, both MBA and Analytics are quantitative subjects and are intertwined. Therefore, in a digitally native competitive business environment, pursuing both can be a massive advantage.

What are the career options?

One can join the corporate sector as a business analyst, HR manager, data specialist, risk manager, financial analyst, marketing analyst, supply chain analyst, project manager, chief technology officer, chief data officer and information security analyst after completing the program.

What is the average salary package for graduates?

The business analytics course offers key and specialized roles. Therefore, the average median salary is over 6 to 10 LPA. This can be increased depending on the experience.

How is the BA course offered online different from those offered by recognised institutes?

Earning a Business Analytics degree from a recognised university is more advantageous when compared to online platforms. This is because recognized universities are more established. They are also trusted for their academic excellence in industrial circles.

Secondly, universities like IIT or IIM offer a rigorous industry-focused curriculum. They also offer experts to guide you on career choices and industry trends. Also, placement support and alumni engagement in the university helps in expanding one\’s network.

From these perspectives, it is seen that online courses are more designed to cater to students/professionals under commitment. It is also for those who want to upgrade their career positions with minimum investment at a shorter time span.

How valid are free BA courses offered by online platforms for a professional career?

The business Analytics course demands immense effort and focus. This course is a translator between business and technology. Familiarity and intelligence are still limited though technologies are plenty and accessible.

Technical skills are easier to be enhanced online. However, most business analysts face a big challenge, when it is applied to a particular business context or university. This is why universities give learners industry exposure through case studies.

They also offer various internship opportunities to gain theoretical as well as practical advantages. However, this advantage is not available in online platforms as they offer only a selective curriculum, time, and penny-crunching model for fast-forward professionals.

What is the course fee?

The average course fee for Business Analytics is around Rs 1 to 10 lakh.

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