International students allowed to spend break in their dorms

: International students allowed to spend break in their dorm
  • Many students found it impossible to book a flight amid the pandemic that has been complicating international travel. Many students have been worried about their stay on their campuses when it was emptied for winter break.
  • Students were allowed to stay at their dorms in some schools with meals and other services if they wished to. Barnard College provided winter-break housing for the international students. In some schools, students wrote petitions asking them to allow their stay in their dorms.
  • Schools have also warned students that there is an increased possibility that those who return to their home town may not be able to come back after a break due to the Omicron variant and they could take a leave of absence until spring 2023.
  • Many students wished to stay on campus due to the uncertainty of their return and thus the students were made to feel at home and provided with special meals during their stay. However, as many students felt it to be a lonely time to stay on the campus during break, officials worked to support the international students to help them face the challenges.

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