India’s education system – Performance grading index

India’s education system - Performance grading index

The Indian education system is one of the largest in the world according to the Performance Grading Index with about 14.9 lakh schools.

The Department of School Education and Literacy has released the Performance Grading Index. The Index has been released for States and Union Territories for 2020-21. This index shows an evidence-based analysis of the school education system.

The Indian education system, according to the index, is one of the largest in the world. It consists of about 14.9 lakh schools, 26.5 crore students and 95 lakh teachers from varied socio-economic backgrounds.

The Index also provides us with insights and a data-driven mechanism about the achievements and performance of school education. The key focus of the index is to promote evidence-based policymaking. In order to ensure quality education for all, it also highlights course correction.

The assessment is made across 70 indicators considering 1000 points grouped into two categories. They include outcomes and governance management. They are further divided into five domains such as Learning Outcomes (LO), Equity (E), Infrastructure and Facilities (IF), Access (A) and Governance Process (GP).


The Index classified the States/UTs into ten grades, namely;

  • The highest achievable Grade is Level 1 for scoring more than 950 points.
  • The lowest grade is Level 10 with a score below 551.

Moreover, PGI aims to propel States and UTs towards undertaking multi-pronged interventions. This will in turn bring about education outcomes which are much desired. It will also help States and UTs to pinpoint the gaps, wherein, they will be able to prioritise areas for intervention.

Seven States and UTs namely Punjab, Kerala, Maharashtra, Chandigarh, Rajasthan, Gujarat, and Andhra Pradesh have attained a score of 901-950 which is in Level II. In addition to this, Rajasthan, Gujarat and Andhra Pradesh are the highest achieved level of any State. Ladakh has made significant improvements from Level eight to Level four in 2020-21 which is the highest ever improvement in a single year.

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