Indians rush to study abroad opportunities

Indians rush to study abroad opportunities

The worsening of economic conditions is driving families from poorer rural areas to make big investments in order to enable their children to study overseas.

The worsening of economic conditions is driving families from poorer rural areas to make big investments in order to enable their children to study overseas. The number of Indian students heading to Canada, the United States, the UK, Australia, Ireland and New Zealand has reached one million.

This is due to the lifting of Covid-19 restrictions. Many consultancies provide coaching for English Language proficiency tests, visa application processing, services for course selection, travel and even placements for part-time work.

Students in Abroad

More than 76,000 Indian students were pursuing education in Australia. This is expected to increase after both countries sign a bilateral trade pact. Due to the increasingly bleak job prospects at home, many are applying for short courses in Canada and Australia.

The education market overseas is expected to more than double. The falling of job opportunities in the public sector and the increasing cost of private education has forced families to send their children to overseas for education.

Reach of Abroad Universities in India

The Melbourne-based company plans to open 27 offices in small towns across India this year. This is due to a more than 90% rise in enrollments. Several foreign universities are organizing education fairs. More than 500 students gathered recently in an event to explore opportunities.

Moreover, improved internet access has allowed visa consultancies to reach new markets in rural areas. Success stories are published on Facebook and other platforms. India is struggling to provide enough college seats and jobs to the young.

However, women participation is bleak. Only 25% of women participate which is the lowest among major economies. This factor, along with the elimination of millions of salaried jobs, has driven many Indians out of the nation to explore new prospects.

Opening of Nations for Education

Many Western Nations are unable to open fast enough due to the starvation of economies. The absence of Chinese students has increased the importance of Indian students. The intensity of competition in the global education sector has increased.

Due to the ease of securing permanent residency, many students have been rushing to Canada. Canadian Universities hold ties up with various agencies. These agencies host more than eight to ten fairs a year. Canadian academic institutions are more affordable than the UK, the US and Australia.

Despite these factors, going overseas for education is neither easy nor guaranteed. Many visas are currently unprocessed due to the heavy backlog of applications made during the pandemic. For lower-income countries, the cost of studying and living in countries such as the US, Canada and Australia are extremely high. Yet, due to dimming prospects, students prefer study abroad than staying in home.

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