Indians acquire twice as many US students visas in 2022 as China

Indians acquire twice as many US students visas in 2022 as China

As the Covid-19 situation has improved dramatically, the number of international students procuring student visas has more than doubled.

Students have again started to flock to the USA for their studies making the F1 visa the focus of many around the world. Indian students are offered more F1 visas when compared to Chinese students. The US State Department has released data that shows from January to July 2022, the Indians got 77,799 F1 visas. However, the Chinese got 46,145 visas only.

The USA gets more Chinese students traditionally in the past records. 99,431 Chinese students got F1 visas in 2021. But now, plenty of Indians are making a beeline for universities in the USA. The numbers have varied in the case of Chinese post-covid though the current population of Chinese students is far higher than in India.

After China and India, South Korea is featured as the third highest student country for the USA. The USA got fewer students due to Covid-19 in 2020. 21,908 students enrolled from India while only 4,853 students came from China.

The situation from Covid-19 improved in 2021 and the number of international students who procured F1 visas doubled. 99,431 students hailed from China while 87,258 and 16,865 students hailed from India and South Korea respectively.

The next most attractive country after the USA is the United Kingdom. The number of education visas issued for Indian students exceeded the Chinese showing an 89% rise. Indians were 21 per cent higher for study visas in 2019 while the Chinese saw a dip of 4 per cent in UK student visas in 2020.

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