Indian students stranded in Ukraine – Russian invasion

Indian students stranded in Ukraine – Russian invasion
  • More than 800,000 international students study in Ukraine, the largest number coming from India, Morocco, Azerbaijan, Turkmenistan and Nigeria due to various reasons such as affordable education, safe environment, etc.
  • The Russian invasion of Ukraine has left the entire Ukraine population vulnerable and from this, many of the international students are stranded and uncertain of their safety. Students arrive in Ukraine thinking that it would be a safer and more peaceful environment but this sudden attack has left them awestruck.
  • The students have been given instructions to go to a nearby bomb shelter by the colleges. Many students face other difficulties such as the conversion of religion which deems dangerous for them to return to countries such as Iran.
  • Home governments were asked by the students to charter planes out of the country by sharing locations where students were stranded and shared emergency contact numbers for stranded students from various countries.
  • Various home governments have taken measures to ensure the safety of the students and the Indian embassy wrote a letter to the president of Ukraine acknowledging that there were over 15,000 Indian students stranded in Ukraine in various regions and asked the president to keep them safe.
  • The Indian Ambassador posted a message urging the Indian students to stay in their homes as the country was working to evacuate Indian citizens along the western border of the country. Nigeria and Iran\’s governments have also taken measures to secure their citizens.

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