Indian Students at stake – Canada colleges close abruptly

Indian Students at stake – Canada colleges close abruptly
  • After 3 colleges in Canada Montreal closed their doors abruptly, around 2000 international students were reportedly left in the lurch from which most students wear Indians.
  • M College in Montreal, Collège de compatibilité et de secrétariat du Québec and CDE college Requested protection in a filing in Quebec Superior Court. Rising Phoenix International, a Montreal based recruiting firm also filed for protection. They are all owned by the Mastantuono family Under the umbrella name RPI group.
  • Students pay between $ 28,000 and $ 30,000 two attend Colleges for a period of two years. 95% of the students in these three colleges are from India out of which 637 students we\’re pursuing online classes from their home in India.
  • Students were asked to pay their pending fees why before the college is closed for winter vacations in advance. Some students paid while all the others did not and when the students returned on 10 January, the colleges were shut.
  • Vocational training was offered by success in accounting, medical, secretarial studies, computing and legal studies. M college offered four courses in business, health and technology while CDE college offered courses in information technology and administration.
  • The request for creditor protection came after the province suspended 10 private colleges including CDE College and M College for questionable recruitment practices for Indian students. This suspension prevents the colleges from accepting foreign-student applications.
  • Some students held a rally demanding refunds and their opportunity to complete their studies and work in Canada and sent various letters to the ministers. However, the fate of 70% of students in Montreal who were in their last semester are now stuck and the future of the 30% of students who joined college last year is also at stake.

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