Indian medical students awaiting their return to China

After thousands of Indian medical students studying in China were abruptly put on a hold two years ago amid the covid-19 outbreak, students still do not know when they can return and are growing desperate about their future.

Students from medical colleges in China who have remained in India over the past two years stated that they have been given no information on when they can return and online classes have left them unprepared for practical training which is a crucial component of medical education.

Students are worried about graduating degrees that are only on paper while they have wasted their family’s savings. Students who have had online classes learnt theory but clinical subjects remain untaught. Theory classes have also had their own disadvantages after the border crisis with China and the banning of 200 Chinese apps.

Students have been slipping into depression due to the constant questioning they are facing from their homes and family members. China universities stated that they would reconstruct the curriculum to help the students learn clinical subjects and surgery but the students who are graduating in the next two years are running out of time.

The Universities of China plan to practice with a mortuary in the morning and learn live surgeries in the evening which is going to be a difficult task. Students still do not know when they will be able to return and universities state that it is in the hands of the government to give permission.

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