Increasing women’s participation in abroad education

Increasing women’s participation in abroad education

This article talks about the recent changes in the dynamics of abroad education in which the participation of women is increasing.

Pooja comes from a middle-class family in which every member contributes to the household income. She is a hard worker who pursued engineering at a recognized university. She is about to pursue a master’s in computer science discipline in the USA at a top-ranked university.

The industry is witnessing a steady rise in women who pursue higher education abroad. A research paper from 2016 talks about the growth of higher education abroad with Indian students in the purview. It focuses specifically on female students. 

Male students come from varied socioeconomic backgrounds to study abroad than female students. Females came from amongst the middle to the upper middle class. Mostly, females from families in which parents were well educated pursued abroad education.

When the mother was well educated, the likelihood of a female studying abroad increased. Moreover, the ability for families to take loans without collateral has encouraged more female students to study abroad.

Female students are increasingly pursuing STEM-designated fields of education. There is a shift in mindsets across families as they are moving toward being supportive of women to pursue education or a career abroad. 

The increase in financial institutions has made it easy for families to fund this dream. However, strong future plans need to be in place to make the decision well worth it. There must also be a return on investments. 

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