Increase your employability – Top 5 in-demand courses

Increase your employability - Top 5 in-demand courses

This article comprises details about five in-demand courses that will help you increase your employability.

PG Program in Product Management

The demand for Product Managers is in high demand in the Business world across the globe. Over 20,000 jobs are available on LinkedIn alone in the Project management domain. In India, the average salary for a product manager is around 246% higher than the national average salary.

Cybersecurity Certification Course

The shortage of cybersecurity professionals is nearly 3 million globally due to the growing economies. This is also due to the new cybersecurity and data privacy legislation that is enacted throughout the region. The annual compensation for cybersecurity ranges from 2 crores to 4 crores. A satisfaction level of 68% is also reported by the industry making it a mentally and financially satisfying career.

Certification in Blockchain

Blockchain is one of the fastest-growing skill sets. The jobs in this domain grow at a rate of 2000-6000% due to digital employment. Thus, the salaries of blockchain developers are 50-100% higher than conventional developers.

Professional Graduate Program in Biotechnology

For youngsters who want to explore the modern aspects of science, Biotechnology has emerged as the most popular career option. The demand is high in industrial sectors like textiles, food, agriculture, pharmaceutical, animal husbandry, etc.

PGP in Business Analytics and Big Data

In India, at the end of August 2020, 93,000 jobs in big data were vacant. The average income of a big data developer is 7.4 LPA for freshers. A big data engineer\’s job profile is one of the most demanding roles.

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