Increase of students in UK from India, decrease from China

Increase of students in UK from India, decrease from China
  • The number of new Indian first-year students who have enrolled at British Universities in the undergraduate and graduate levels has reached the highest and the number of Chinese students has dropped for the first time. The drop in the Chinese students may be due to the Covid-19 pandemic and the travel restrictions or due to the deteriorating relationship between Britain and China.
  • A report by HESA shows that the number of first-year Chinese students fell by 5 per cent and the number of Indian students increased by 27 per cent from the year 2019/2020 to 2020/2021 which is the highest number on record. 19 per cent of all non-EU enrollments in 2020/2021 is represented by Indians.
  • The largest number of international students, i.e., 143,820 students from China are currently studying across all years at British Universities. However, the second-largest group of international students, i.e., 84,555 students hail from India.
  • The number of Indian students studying in Britain has increased sharply from 2018/2019 and the UK remains a chosen destination by students due to various factors such as quality of education, English language and recognition of qualification.
  • Indian students also get a chance to apply experience to their studies due to the two-year post-study work visa which is an important factor for the increasing trend of Indian students coming to the UK. If more offers are provided for Indian Students, there may be a significant increase in the number of Indian students.

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