Increase in the number of Indian students in Taiwan

Increase in the number of Indian students in Taiwan
  • Taiwan is an island state in East Asia with a small land size and minimal population which is reaching the highest peaks of success. One of the major contributors to Taiwan’s success is education and although current laws mandate 12 years of schooling, more than 88% of senior high school and vocational school graduates go to colleges to pursue higher education.
  • Moreover, the Taiwan government invests highly in education and consists of 152 universities and colleges. The Government of Taiwan is actively promoting cooperation and connection with the rest of the world to maintain international competitiveness through higher education.
  • The number of international students has been increasing in Taiwan since 2016 when the President launched the New Southbound Policy. Taiwan has many advantages in recruiting international students such as a safe and friendly environment, reasonable tuition fees and English-conducted programs in most universities.
  • Living costs are also lower when compared to Korea, Japan and Singapore. 12 Taiwanese universities have been ranked among the top 500 in the world according to the QS World University Rankings along with 15-20 universities being ranked among the top 1000.
  • The top university project was launched in 2011 to promote research capacities by sponsoring 17 universities with $1.7 billion of extra budget and further proposed the higher education sprout project by sponsoring over $30 billion of extra budget to 23 universities in 2018.
  • Indians have been the fastest-growing group among the international students and are ranked as the top 10 groups of international students in Taiwan, a majority of them pursuing a Master\’s or PhD degree. Taiwanese universities prefer to recruit more Indian students due to their fluency in English and their excellency in various aspects.
  • Indian students are offered various scholarships to attract them including MOFA scholarships, Taiwan Fellowship, Elite Scholarship program, etc. Since 2008, both Indian and Taiwanese governments have sponsored research teams to conduct joint research from both sides.

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