Increase in number of PhD applications – Malaysian varsities

Increase in number of PhD applications – Malaysian varsities
  • Malaysian Universities are seeing an increase in the number of international applications for doctorate programs despite the pandemic and periodic lockdowns. Nearly 11,161 international applications were received for the Doctor of Philosophy program in 2021 in both public and private universities.
  • This shows that the application numbers have almost doubled compared to 2020. Malaysia has become the education hub of choice due to various factors, and one of them is that Malaysian universities offer a wide range of courses including subjects in the humanities, social science, general programs and law.
  • Malaysian Universities are also ranked among the top universities and according to QS World University rankings 2022, five universities are ranked among the top 200 universities. The University of Malaya is ranked among the top 50 2022 Best Global Universities in Asia by the World Report.
  • The Uptick in the number of international students predominantly comes from Chinese students. Due to travel restrictions, Chinese students began considering other educational options closer to homes such as Universities in Malaysia and Singapore.
  • The tuition fees and the cost of living is significantly lesser compared to Western Countries such as Australia and the UK. English is spoken widely as a second language which eliminates the need to study local languages for academic study and a PhD program at Malaysian Universities starts from 7000 US Dollars for international students.
  • The average cost for food, travel and accommodation for an international student is 14400 Ringgit annually. Malaysia is ranked 23rd on the Global Peace Index as it is one of the safest countries to study abroad. The country will hit the 250,000 international student enrollment target by 2025, but, the country is facing stiff competition with neighbouring countries as the border restrictions are lifted.

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