Importance of eradicating ad-hocism – DU must excel

Importance of eradicating ad-hocism – DU must excel

The process of permanent recruitment has already begun at the Delhi University despite all the demands of absorption without interviews and a majority of ad-hoc teachers who have been waiting for regular appointments to take place are extremely glad about it.

Ad-hoc teachers are appreciating the sincere steps being taken for permanent appointments but on the other hand, long-serving ad-hoc teachers harbour serious misgivings that regular appointments may be delayed or deferred.

Thus, this process is expected to eradicate ad-hocism during the centenary year itself. Delhi University has contributed to the growth of the nation during the last hundred years and centenary celebrations can be the most opportune moment if stability and dignity are provided to over 4000 ad-hoc teachers who have been contributing to academic health of DU.

Ad-hoc appointments are temporary arrangements and according to EC resolution 2007, they cannot continue beyond four months. Posts which remain vacant after four months must be made temporary positions only and a duly constituted selection committee can only appoint temporary teachers.

However, ad-hoc appointments have continued endlessly in both colleges and departments and ad-hoc teachers have travelled a very long journey. Ad-hoc teachers faced an extremely painful journey with a lot of trials and tribulations and the reason behind this is that ad-hoc teachers did not really matter.

The Democratic Teachers Front was uninterested in absorption and argued for permanent recruitment for a very long time while it was seen that Academics for Action and Development was never in favour of open interviews since 2016.

This clash of perspectives ruined the career of ad-hoc teachers and caused them immeasurable suffering. The Delhi University Teachers Association leadership failed due to the internal clash of opinions and interests which led to endless ad-hocism at Delhi University.

Ad-hoc teachers prefer to be submissive and subservient as it is the safest route to save jobs and sustain livelihood. This tendency has however disabled the university, which must have served as a space to generate innovative ideas as well as the individual teachers, who could have contributed to the growth of their colleges through various research programs. Thus, the foundations of the university have been terribly weakened.

The decline of the universities is due to the loss of critique from the university campuses due to the absence of dissent which has occurred due to the advanced capitalism. A widely acclaimed literary theorist and public intellectual Terry Eagleton have suggested that the Western idea of a university does not define an Indian way of looking at the University.

Formal Universities in India were developed in the Seventh Century BC which triggered the formation of various institutions such as Nalanda, Vallabhi, Takshila and Vikramshila Universities which revolved around the integration of knowledge and society to ensure the growth of the nation.

This system has helped great teachers like Chanakya to successfully contribute to the making of a powerful political empire. With regards to the Delhi University, prolonged ad-hocism has removed the possibility of conceptualization of any new systems which hold potential for the fulfilment of the collective wishes and aspirations of the society.

So, an unequivocal stand must be taken to abolish ad-hocism entirely from the university system as ambiguity will no longer work given the suffering of ad-hoc teachers and the consequent decline of the institutions. The existing ad-hocism has created numerous obstacles to the academic growth of premier institutions and only if this is eradicated, Delhi University will be able to enable its students and teachers to perform at par with global standards.

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