Immigration Laws to be eased for Skilled Labourers – Germany

Immigration Laws to be eased for Skilled Labourers - Germany

The Government of Germany has agreed to ease immigration laws in order to attract skilled workers to the economy of Germany. The country proposes to attract 4,00,000 skilled workers every year from various countries across the globe.

In an attempt to reduce the shortage of staff in the country, Germany is ready to act in order to reduce impediments from skilled workers from abroad. The Cabinet headed by the Chancellor has agreed to approve various measures that will invite skilled workers from outside the European Union. They will be allowed to start work immediately if they have signed any contract with domestic employers.

Later on, their vocational qualifications will be recognized. Young Immigrants will find it easy to take up vocational courses or study in Germany according to these new laws. The cabinet wishes to emulate the Canadian points system. Thus, workers who can speak German or have related skills will be brought into the country.

This process will be transparent and unbureaucratic. Thus, it will make immigration easy for those who wish to find work in the country. The Minister of Economy will present new strategies after meeting the other ministers of education, labour and interior. The Minister of Economy stated that this will be the most liberal immigration law in Europe.

Shortage of Labour in Germany

He commented that Germany is not only facing a shortage of skilled labour. Germany is also facing shortages of workers in general. The country had been blind to this problem in recent years. Due to lower birth rates and uneven immigration inflows, demographic imbalances have been created in Germany. Both of these issues have been having an adverse impact on the economy of Germany.

The country is still facing difficulty with the fallout from the Covid-19 pandemic. Also, the country has been facing a severe energy crisis due to the war between Russia and Ukraine. Moreover, Germany is an ageing population. Thus, it displays a remarkable shortage in labour in the Information Technology, health and construction sectors.

Germany to Attract Qualified Workers

Germany has been planning to attract 4,00,000 workers who are qualified every year from other countries across the globe. IFO Institute, Munich conducted a survey. It found that half of the companies in Germany have been struggling to find skilled workers to fill up posts. They are also having acute shortages, particularly in the service sector.

Seven million skilled workers will be required by 2035 in the country according to the Labour Minister. The government in Germany also plans to revamp the citizenship rules. The Interior Minister stated that it is planning to get the necessary legislation in the next year through Parliament. She also commented that it would create the most modern law on immigration in Europe.

Germany has the best study abroad program and colleges for students from India. This feature combined with the new immigration laws will make Germany the desired destination for all.

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