IIT Madras collaborates with Purdue University

IIT Madras collaborates with Purdue University

IIT Madras and Purdue University have collaborated to launch dual degree courses.

Indian Institute of Technology, IIT Madras has collaborated with the Purdue University of the United States. This initiative has been carried out to launch dual degree courses in semiconductors. At the IIT Madras campus on November 3, the collaboration was signed. Undergraduate candidates are eligible to apply for the courses when once they are launched.

This dual degree course in semiconductors will focus on an innovative curriculum. It will be cooperatively developed by both universities to meet the growing needs of the industry.

Undergraduate students who are equipped with strong academic credentials and have a deep interest to work on topics related to semiconductor devices, circuits and systems and chip fabrication are the ones who will be proposed for the master’s program.

The collaboration will also facilitate research collaboration in semiconductor supply chain management, packaging, chip design, advanced manufacturing methods and system architecture. Moreover, students will be prepared to tackle global challenges. These challenges are mainly due to needs that have increased for microelectronics and shifting manufacturing trends.

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