How to study on the last day 10-days before the Board Examinations

Finally, you have enrolled in the stage where your Board exams are just a few days away. Feigning that the exams are 10-days from now, here’s an efficient last-minute preparation plan that will help you add that spice of final touch to your exam preparation.

  1. If you are someone who hasn’t yet covered the complete syllabus, then you are up for a challenging ten days. If you want to pass with flying colors, you should try to accommodate a 12-hour study plan to your daily calendar for the next 10-days. Anyone can adopt this 12-hour study plan. Remember, these last 10-days of preparation are crucial for you, and you must use them to their full potential.
  2. In the 12-hour study program discussed above, try dividing each subject into a 34-hour session.  
  3. It’s not humanly feasible for you to cover the entire course right now. Adopt clever studying methods by shortlisting the relevant topics valued in the board’s examinations for the last 2030 years. Try to revise these topics and your notes as much as possible. You can get these topics chapter-wise anywhere on YouTube or Google. 
  4. CBSE releases blueprints of the question papers every year. Following these blueprints, try to cover those chapters with the highest weightage of marks. 
  5. You can also solve some previous year Board examination papers or sample papers for your respective subjects in these last 10-days to get a clear idea about the format of the exam and the type of questions usually asked. 
  6. Since you have very little time left, wrecking your brain on troublesome topics and wasting your hours is not the smartest choice. Try to cover those topics or chapters which you can study within a day. Then you can begin with those subjects that you find the hardest to understand. 
  7. Stick to NCERT books. CBSE never goes out of its boundary to ask questions beyond the textual syllabus. So, don’t waste your time reading extensive reference books that contain topics that aren’t important from an examination point of view. 
  8. Try to buy and study NCERT Exemplar. It contains relevant problems and solutions.
  9. Try to devise a study schedule specifically for these 10-days and stick to it no matter what.
  • A mere ten days can end up making a significant difference in your preparation strategy, provided that you have the enthusiasm to put in this effort. You have prepared hard for this examination for the last 1-year of your life. It is not the time to give up! Let’s work hard for your dreams together so that you can book your seat at the best colleges in India this year!

Best Wishes! Good luck.

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