How to choose the right subject to prepare for CUET 2022

How to choose the right subject to prepare for CUET 2022

Until now, admissions to major universities were conducted by evaluating the marks obtained in school-leaving board examinations. Considering the scoring system on different boards, this methodology was arguably less student-friendly and thus, in order to centralize the admission procedure through a common assessment program, the National Testing Agency in the academic session 2022-2023 has introduced the Central Universities Entrance Test.

Nearly 45 central universities in India have joined hands together to grant admissions to undergraduate courses through a single entrance test and the entire process is said to be conducted digitally. CUET will lower the students\’ pressure to get perfect scores in the Class 12 Board examination and will play a major role in the new admission criteria.

Universities are however free to set their own rules with regards to admissions by giving consideration to a minimum of 60 per cent marks in class 12. The importance of counselling for admissions to various undergraduate courses, the total number of seats for a particular course and the norms for other aspects must be set individually by the universities.

According to the All India Survey of Higher Education 2019-2020, it is said that almost four crore students have enrolled in higher education across the country which makes the test highly competitive and must plan meticulously to get impressive scores in CUET. It is necessary for the students to select the right subject as this will be the determining factor for them to score the maximum possible marks.

There will be four sections in the CUET examination which include;

  • Section I-A and I-B: This section will comprise 13 and 19 languages and students will be given the privilege to choose a maximum of three languages from each section. Students are advised to choose the language in which they have their mother tongue or second language expertise and students who have a background in any particular language can opt for a language paper from I-B.
  • Section II: This section comprises 27 domain-specific subjects out of which the students are required to choose two subjects. It is advised that the students choose the subjects on which they have previous knowledge. Students are required to attempt 40 questions out of 45 questions in each subject within 45 minutes.
  • Section III: This section is set to evaluate the general knowledge of the students and covers topics such as current affairs, numerical ability, general knowledge, general mental ability, analytical, logical and quantitative reasoning.

Students must choose the subjects in which they have a strong interest to acquire a better career. This will provide students with ample opportunities to practice and enhance their knowledge. A day wise preparation time must be allocated for the subjects that require additional attention. Students must research and choose the college or university and the courses they are targeting before they decide on the subject. The list of perquisites for the courses will help them in choosing the right subjects. Students must however take small breaks to recharge themselves to reduce the pressure of nearing exams and a number of decisions to make

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