How to acquire TOEFL Scholarships for the year 2022

How to acquire TOEFL Scholarships for the year 2022

There are two ways to obtain a TOEFL scholarship which include; acquiring it directly from ETS, the makers of TOEFL and according to the eligibility criteria such as the location, program, academic requirements connected to the scholarship and an official TOEFL score that meets the minimum requirement. Taking a TOEFL examination will pay you with the right kind of scholarship.

If you wish to acquire financial support through your TOEFL score, then ETS is not involved. The range of sources for TOEFL scholarships outside ETS is huge and below are a few types of TOEFL scholarships that can be acquired.

A TOEFL Scholarship can be acquired to study at a specific school and serves as a passport to study throughout the English speaking world. However, various universities offer a range of TOEFL scholarships to support the financial needs of the students.

Albertay University’s TOEFL Scholarship is offered by a Scottish University for undergraduate and graduate study, The Rhodes Scholarship is offered for study at Oxford University, The Master of Data Science International Scholarship supports the University of British Columbia’s Master of Data Program and International Scholarships from the University of Oklahoma provides tuition support for undergraduate study at the United States School.

TOEFL Scholarships can also be acquired from Government offices and non-profit organizations which include the Fulbright scholarships for graduate study and research by the United States government, Scholarships from the Organization of American States, Scholarships from Amideast which is an educational non-profit organization from the Middle East and Scholarships from Questbridge that helps students in acquiring undergraduate study scholarships at American Universities.

The TOEFL managing company, ETS sponsors many scholars who have taken the exam. These scholarships provide travel and research opportunities to graduate-level researchers. TOEFL awards are specifically used for conducting research on behalf of ETS which support research into the effectiveness of the TOEFL. These types of research opportunities add value to the resume and help in gaining valuable work experience in the field of education and research development.

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