How NEP-2022 aims to de-link degrees from education?

How NEP-2022 aims to de-link degrees from education?

National Education Policy 2022 was introduced to reorient India\’s education policy as per global benchmarks.

The National Education Policy, NEP 2020 seeks to de-link degrees from education and livelihood opportunities. This has taken a heavy toll on India\’s education system and society which has increased the number of educated unemployed. NEP 2020 also supports the Start-Up ecosystem. Meanwhile, this will open new career and entrepreneurship opportunities for students and youth in India.

When was NEP 2020 introduced? What are its benefits? 

NEP 2022 was introduced to reorient India\’s education policy as per global benchmarks. This is the biggest path-breaking reform in India. Moreover, it is progressive and visionary and keeps up with the emerging needs and requirements of 21st-century India. 

How does NEP 2020 help students? 

NEP 2020 gives priority to inherent talent, knowledge, skill and aptitude. NEP 2020 offers multiple entries and exit options. Therefore, academic flexibility exists. Thus, this will have a positive impact on the students which will enable them to avail different career opportunities at different times.

How Uttar Pradesh is turning into a start-up hub?

The Uttar Pradesh government injected a huge capital into the state\’s start-up for employment generation and economic activity. This will constitute the UP Innovation Fund which will provide seed capital to start-ups. By 2023, the Uttar Pradesh government plans to have at least one incubator in every district.

Uttar Pradesh is catching up fast in the start-up race. Currently, there are over 6,500 start-ups already registered in the state. Noida is the most preferred destination for start-ups. This is followed by Ghaziabad, Lucknow, Agra and Gorakhpur in the Purvanchal region. Therefore, the western region can be used for agri-tech and dairy start-ups.

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