How do I craft my application for my dream college?

How do I craft my application for my dream college?

While applying to leading universities in the world, getting the perfect scores in grade 12 is not just enough as these universities want to understand who the candidate is as an individual and their uniqueness and the easiest way to do this is to share the life story. Here are some tips which will help you walk through the task of crafting the perfect application:

It is necessary to start with a question on why you wish to study in a particular university and the reason behind your inclination towards a specific major. These questions are imperative because if you are not sure about your reason behind applying to a university, this might impact your application strategy.

Applying as early as possible is the best approach to get ahead of the fierce competition of aspiring applicants as this will ensure that you receive a decision before spots start running low. It is necessary to be mindful before taking this course of action as this is only possible with schools you wish to strongly attend because it requires you to commit before you hear back about your other choices.

This may not be a big issue as you are applying to one of your dream schools and destination. However, delaying the application process makes it difficult for you to acquire a spot in your desired study destination.

The biggest mistake an applicant could commit is being unaware of certain admission or eligibility requirements for their dream university as every country has a different application process. It is essential to have a perfectly curated activities list if you are applying for universities in the USA.

Also, you must be aware of the standardized testing or entrance requirements for particular courses and countries. You must work on the background before applying to universities in more than one country for each of the universities under consideration.

Universities do not require aspiring students to possess an ideal strategy to make it to their dream university. A student should focus on building a holistic profile which covers aspects of aptitude and personality from curricular activities, projects, online courses, etc., which would set their standards unique.

However, the goal should be to pick activities that are relevant to you and the program and the university you are applying to. There is no specific strategy for profile building except that you have to be genuine.

Letter of Recommendation is the most crucial element in your application and you have to be careful who you request for a recommendation. A LOR must give a sense of who you are rather than focusing only on your academic side so that the admission officer would get an impression that you are a well-rounded individual with a lot to offer to the university.

A personal statement of purpose is another essential criterion which would provide you with an opportunity to share your unique story with the admission officers. You have to break it down and justify why you wish to study the chosen course, what have you done to show your interest in the subject and how the university and your choice of course will help in your future career prospect.

You must also include your skills and accomplishments and along with this, don’t forget to apply for scholarships and financial aid. It is also important to adhere to the deadlines and not slip the date. If you are to follow the above-mentioned steps, you are bound to make it to your dream destination.

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